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Marquis, also known as Nathaniel Wooten Junior, is an R’n’B/ Soul balladeer and songwriter who performs nationally. Marquis currently lives with his wife in Bushkill, Pennsylvania. Marquis’s musical versatility and passion for music complemented with his charming, anecdotal and comedic routine allows attain positive recognition as an entertainer within the country.


As a young child, born in Goldsboro, North Carolina, Marquis’s passion for music sprouted. He began playing a variety instruments, starting as a trumpeter at nine-years-old. His musical versatility and his vocal and instrumental performances at small, local clubs and venues, especially at such a young age, received recognition from artists and professional musician managers. This exposure presented opportunities within the music and entertainment industry.

Prior to this opportunity, Marquis’s father, Nathaniel Wooten Senior, and Duke Anderson were his mentors in is musicianship, paving his way into the music industry. These two individuals, as well as other critically-acclaimed musicians of his time, became his sole inspirations in his pursuit in the music industry.

By fourteen, Marquis played up to approximately eight-to-ten instruments, and he became the lead drummer for American guitarist and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Chuck Berry, travelling and performing exclusively with his band at various clubs and venues.

After his career with Chuck Berry, Marquis was inspired to set out for his own music career. As an aspiring and starting musician, Marquis would perform at clubs, playing R’n’B and local disco house club music. Also, since he did not have anyone to represent him and was not popular enough at the time to receive representation, he would knock door-to-door at small market radio stations, asking them to play his music on air.

During the late 70’s, Marquis, in his 20’s, signed a record deal with Melba Moore as a soul vocalist.

In 1982, Marquis released his club song single entitled, “I Won’t Treat You that Way.”

In June 1985 at the Bell Plaza in Galveston, Texas, Marquis performed at the first annual “Juneteenth in the New Decade: Education, Equality, and Justice” program. The ceremony is a commemoration of the end of slavery within the United States.

In 1989, at the Rhythm and Blues Awards, Marquis performed alongside major artists like MC Hammer, Vanity, N.W.A., and Blue Magic.

On September 28th, 1999, AMBYAN Records released Marquis’s three-track album entitled “Tangalang.” Etymologically created by Marquis, the term is an amalgamate of the words “Tango” and “Language,” creating a sensual, romantic appeal that embodies the aura of his music. The EP features the tracks, “Tangalang,” “You’re the Only Woman for Me,” and the “Tangalang Bonus Remix.”

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Throughout his career, Marquis has opened for prominent musicians in the entertainment industry, including: Jennifer Holiday, David Peston, The Fugees, etc.

Currently, Marquis performs as solo artist in local, sophisticated venues throughout the east Coast. Not only as a solo artist, Marquis performs with the 1950’s nationally-recognized, Doo-Wop group, The Drifters and JT Carter’s Crests. So far, Marquis has written up to nine albums worth of music that he plans to perform, record, produce, and release.

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