Rob McKenzie, PHD


Rob McKenzie, PhD, Professor of Communication at East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania

Rob McKenzie, Ph.D., is the Chairperson and a Professor of Communication at East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania, where he has taught for 25 years. He teaches Radio Practicum, Introduction to Mass Media, Critical Perspectives on Social Media Use, and Comparative Media (which he has also taught in several countries including the UK, France, Mexico, China and this coming summer in Sweden).

He is also the Advisor to WESS Radio (90.3 FM), recipient of the MTV Woodie Award in 2014 for being the “best college radio station in the country.” McKenzie is host of three radio shows: Rhythm Rock, The Talk Show, and the Stones Hour. McKenzie has seen the Rolling Stones in concert over a dozen times dating back to 1982. He has seen them in Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Toronto, Montreal and Copenhagen.

His research focus has been mainly in international media. He has published over a dozen journal articles, delivered dozens of paper presentations at conferences, and written the book, Comparing Media from Around the World (Allyn and Bacon, 2006). Because of his research, he was hired as a consultant for the US Embassy in Mexico City, and the US Consulate in Juarez City, Mexico. McKenzie’s most recent research publication, which he co-authored with his wife, Kelly McKenzie, is called “Role Depictions of Women and Men in CCTV News,” and is coming out in the China Media Research journal in early 2017.

He has branched out of academic writing to produce a manuscript called Rounding Some Corners, which is a humorous collection of columns examining life’s oddball ironies. Each column is designed to have double meanings getting the reader to puzzle out what the columns are about. The result is that readers gain a sometimes shocking appreciation for and examination of life’s seemingly mundane circumstances. The first volume of Rounding Some Corners is complete, and he plans on writing other volumes to serialize Rounding Some Corners.

McKenzie is the son of British parents. His father was Scottish and his mother is English. McKenzie is married to Kelly McKenzie, a professor in the Department of Academic Enrichment and Learning at ESU. McKenzie has two children: Fiona, 19 years old, and Gordon, 16 years old.

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