February 12th, 2015

Actor/Model Mickeay Wil Burns cast for a Paramount Pictures production in Los Angeles

Mickeay Wil Burns has recently been cast to appear in a Paramount Pictures feature film production to start filming in August of 2015 in Los Angeles California through casting director Helen McCready.
Earlier this week Mickeay Wil Burns received confirmation from casting director Helen McCready that he was cast in an untitled Paramount Pictures feature film mainstream release and will start production in Los Angeles California in August of this year. In preperation Burns is working with world renound celebrity photographer Gary Boas in Hollywood Florida on his 2015 photoshoot in the comming days.Besides his casting role with Paramount, Burns has also been cast in the following independent films: “In The Dark” (Horror), “Dude” ( Comedy) and “Through Mara’s Eyes” (Drama) also to be filmed in California but unrelated to Paramount Pictures.

About Mickeay Wil Burns:

Mickeay first started his career in acting through print modeling & was inspired to further his career when Tim Allen visited his hometown to film “For Richer & Poorer”.

He auditioning for John Casablancas, in Philadelphia, PA for advanced acting; graduating in 2003 & auditioning for various roles in states that include Richmond, VA; Orlando, FL; New York City, NY; & Corpus Christi, TX. Mickeay landed his first debut in a Michael Herb’s production called “Made to be Broken” filmed out of Fort Lauderdale, FL, which is featured on Lifetime channel. Most recent he has been called to attend an audition for “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” out of New York, NY FOX Network.

His print modeling career took him to JCPenny in their Quicksilver modeling attire. Later down the road led to Kohls, Helix, and American Eagle LTD for web based advertisements.

He was the lead singer in “Mickeays Mistake” which gathered the attention of Allen Parsons from Santa Barbara, CA, who was the audio engineer for the Beatles & Pink Floyd, their Dark Side of the Moon album & behind the Allen Parsons Project; that landed him on stage with Rev Theory and Shinedown in two separate events. He is currently in the group Obnoxious Kingdom.

About Casting Director Helen McCready:

Helen McCready, C.S.A.a Canadian citizen, began working as an actor in 1985 in Vancouver, British Columbia. She started out as an extra on the hit TV show “21 Jump street” as well as assisted in extra casting at the Denise Love Talent Agency. She moved to Arizona in 1994 where she continued her career working as a casting director assistant. In 1999, Helen launched Helen Wheels Productions, LLC in Arizona. Since then, her company has successfully been expanding into other states and Canada. Now residing in Burbank, Los Angeles,California Helen’s success as a casting director has continued with Director Sam Mendes “Away We Go” and being in charge of the additional casting in Meryl Streep’s and Alec Balwdwin’s 2009 “It’s Complicated”.

In 2010 Helen McCready has already cast a number of movies including the soon to be hit “Zombie drugs” as head Casting Director and “Suspicion” a Thriller/Drama. As well as working on big budget and independent films Helen has seen the potential and new talent that comes through in low budget exciting productions for the internet known as a “webseries” she is casting two “webisodes” one extremely popular and disturbingly interesting “The Resolve” and a brand new project “Writers Block”. Also new for 2010 a few potential big hit movies have landed on the desk at “Helen Wheel Productions”and are in the early stages of production where Helen will take charge as head of casting department in “Unrest” a Horror movie with massive potential and is already attracting “A-lister” movie stars. As well as an accomplished C.S.A Casting Director Helen has explored the world of writing and has done a few projects where she has writer’s credits. A short film that Helen did called “The Honeymoon Is Over” where Helen had written and helped produce it and raised funds for a 3 day film festival where Helen was the executive director in 2007 was a huge success. More recently Helen has just completed her screenplay “Racetrack” and it is now in the pre- production stage, “Racetrack” is loosely based on real life events written by her father over twenty years ago that actually happen around the track Helen grew up by, she has put these facts together in a fictional story and is due to start shooting in 2011. Helen is now venturing into the world of reality TV and is producing an original concept never been done before with actors in a pilot show called “callback”, it is a reality television comedic based show consisting of actors and actresses competing for a supporting role in a feature film. Episodes will involve various challenges and scenarios that professional actors and actresses are confronted with every day. Pulling no punches, pushing their abilities to the limit each episode will become more demanding as the actors advance. This project is being shot and will be pitched to some of the biggest cable and network channels.


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