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G Sol

G-Sols interest in music started as a toddler when he received a keyboard for Christmas, shortly after he picked up a guitar and started to practice. He quickly learned this was not for him and took up creative writing. As he got older he excelled in sports but his career was cut short due to medical reasons. At this time G. Sol took the opportunity to leave school and fully invest himself in his music career. He’d always been known for being in the streets and had built a certain reputation so he decided to use this to his advantage by embodying the lessons he learned and turning them around into well thought out, eye opening lyrics. Considering he’s been writing since he was young he finds solace in incorporating intricacy in his lyrics to set himself apart. From incredible complex rhyme schemes, to double, triple and occasionally even quadruple entendres, G. Sol makes it clear; he’s ahead of his time.

G. Sol has recently began a career in modeling as he has been featured on Brooklyn Boxing out of the Barclay’s Center, Brooklyn, NY. He also is an endorsee of RS1NY clothing in NYC.
He will also be featured on the runway for Vicissitude Magazine “Fall into Fashion’ Show in fall of 2016.

Media Relations/Opportunities Contact:

Via US Mail:
G.Sol C/O EA Kroll Productions
P.O. Box 128
Shawnee, PA. 18356

RS1NY Clothing Endorsee

15356685_1362347250495157_6501964005721887393_n IMG_6561
Photos Provided by: Wendell Christie ~ 2016


    g-boxing-2 g-boxing
Brooklyn Boxing ad feature 2016



G. Sol with EA Kroll


G.Sol with legendary singer Sarah Dash

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