Kaitlyn Booth

Kaitlyn Booth
14 years old


           Kaitlyn hails from the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania where she will start her freshman year of high school. Kaitlyn is a member of many school musical groups including jazz band, marching band, and two choirs. She also performs in school musicals.

 Kaitlyn loves to write, act, sing and has been musically inclined her entire life. Her interest in musical theater began when she was in third grade and played Cinderella in a poem theater production. – She also had one of her original poems published.  In Junior High School, Kaitlyn acted and sang in Singin’ in the Rain, which was her first major production, and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolored Dreamcoat, where she played the oldest brother Reuben. Kaitlyn is an accomplished trumpet player and has been playing for more than 6 years and has played in marching bands.

“My education is also one of my biggest priorities. I earned three awards this school year overall for the “Highest Work-Ethic in Science,” “Most Improved Grades,” and the “Woody Herman Jazz Leadership and Excellence Award.” I have achieved high honors every marking period this year and I’ve been a member of the gifted program since the second grade.” States Kaitlyn ~

For several years, she studied martial arts and is currently ranked as a second-degree brown belt. This practice helped her learn commitment, discipline, focus, memorization, and endurance. She uses her rank to teach children and adults of other belt ranks. “In all things I enjoy, strive for, and am committed to, I always want to be my very best. I have a great ability to multi-task and enjoy the work.” States Kaitlyn ~

           Her friends and associates say she is animated, funny, quirky, and a unique person. She embrace’s the fact that she is not like everyone else.

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