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Mickeay Wil Burns

Mickeay Wil Burns


Mickeay first started his career in acting through print modeling & was inspired to further his career when Tim Allen visited his hometown to film “For Richer & Poorer”.

He auditioning for John Casablancas, in Philadelphia, PA for advanced acting; graduating in 2003 & auditioning for various roles in states that include Richmond, VA; Orlando, FL; New York City, NY; & Corpus Christi, TX. Mickeay landed his first debut in a Michael Herb’s production called “Made to be Broken” filmed out of Fort Lauderdale, FL, which is featured on Lifetime channel.
Most recent he has been casted to attend an audition for “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” based out of New York, NY on the FOX Network.

His print modeling career took him to JCPenny in their Quicksilver modeling attire. Later down the road led to Kohls, Helix, and American Eagle LTD for web based advertisements.

He was the lead singer in “Mickeays Mistake”  which gathered the attention of Allen Parsons from Santa Barbara, CA, who was the audio engineer for the Beatles & Pink Floyd, their Dark Side of the Moon album & behind the Allen Parsons Project; that landed him on stage with Rev Theory and Shinedown in
two separate events. He is currently in the group Obnoxious Kingdom.


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Micheay Wil Burns C/O EA Kroll Productions
P.O. Box 128
Shawnee, PA. 18356

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